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Spiritual Roots of Disease
by Teresa McCurry

Most physical diseases have emotional roots, as well as spiritual roots.  Even the medical world is now recognizing emotional influences on the disease process.  In the 16th edition of the Merck Manual, fibromyalgia is referred to in the following way: “….primary fibromyalgia syndrome (PFS) is particularly likely to occur in healthy young women who tend to be stressed, tense, depressed, anxious, and striving…”!

In an article once written in Psychology Today called “The Pretended Self” (May 1998), Paul Perry explains that our bodies are closely connected to our emotional health. The one affects the other. Amazingly described in the article is a study of heart-disease patients whose conditions were directly linked to their emotional well-being and an overriding sense of isolation. The walls we build emotionally can be reenacted physically by the hardening of our arteries!! Here we have the psychological world recognizing the connection between one’s emotions and their physical diseases.

To effectively understand what an emotional or spiritual root is, let’s first look at the definition of the word root.  Webster’s dictionary defines root in 3(a) as “something that is an origin or source (as in a condition or quality).”

Emotional roots of physical disease generally originate through rejection; lack of nurturing; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; neglect; trauma; great loss; and abandonment.  Out of these experiences develop the source, or root, of many emotional disturbances and disorders.

Spiritual roots generally originate through one’s responses to the above negative experiences and ensuing emotional issues.  They are often, understandably, followed by unforgiveness, resentment, anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, stress, jealousy, hatred, and even self-hatred to name a few.  When these are allowed to fester, and judgments are made, they enter one’s spirit and, more often than not, become a significant root of disease.

The mind/body connection is very powerful, and intense negative thoughts can release strong toxic chemicals into the body that can allow the disease process to begin.  Disease actually takes place first in the spirit, then goes into the soul, then manifests in the body.

Therefore, in order to achieve complete health and healing, one’s emotional and spiritual roots must also be effectively addressed.  See “Your Health and Wellness Coach " and "My Letter to Baby Teresa” for my personal experiences with spiritual roots and emotional wounding.

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JOYCE MEYER MINISTRIES: This ministry offers many resources for healing the emotions in the form of conferences, DVD’s, CD’s, and books.  Our favorite books are: Battlefield of the Mind and Beauty For Ashes, both by Joyce Meyer.

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